I was very good today and headed to my GP to get stabbed. I had originally intended to go on to the Hospital to have some blood tests done.

While I was in with the nurse I double checked that the tests would be OK after the Pneumococcal Vaccine, she told me that they are no longer operating the ticket system and I would now have to Book an appointment with them. So I drove home and the tests are now being done at 1pm on Wednesday! The only good point was she didn't think I was her patient as I didn't look old enough!! I did assure her that I felt more than old enough!

Since getting home I now have a headache from hell and a sore throat plus feeling even more sick than usual. When I stand up I actually feel lopsided and everything is whizzing around my head - if I'd had a couple of glasses of wine I wouldn't mind - but I have not had a drink since my birthday 😞 

My one idea is to have an early night and let pillows hold my head up for me. I think a playlist and a good book are calling my name and I have no intention of getting up early at all. 

I don't think I am being helped by being so tired and the joys of insomnia kicking in with a vengence. I feel totally exhausted and run down. My skin seems to just be drying out and falling off, however much moisturizer I try to slather on. At the moment I feel as though I am fighting a losing battle. I'm not helped by feeling even more isolated that usual.


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