Re-opening the UK

 Today is the next step in bringing the UK out of lockdown...all none essential shops. hairdressers, barbers, pubs and restaurants can open. But the last 2 can only have customers sat outside... Plus today is cold and it has snowed! Hopefully the so called 'normal' people will not go totally crazy and move into pub gardens! Gyms, pools and other leisure parks (i.e. zoos) have also reopened today - but again it really is not the weather to take a picnic to a zoo!! I celebrated this return to normality by visiting Sainsbury's! I know how to celebrate don't you think! Essentials such as tissues and strong paracetamol were needed as a matter of urgency so I went and got them myself for the first time in a year! I managed to go and come back before Mikey dragged himself out of his pit! He is currently out in his usual shorts and t-shirt at a park meeting up with friends from school. Unfortunately Andy and I had forgetten that his watch is set to do not disturb during school

Boy Flu...

I have no clue what time Andy came up to bed last night - I had been threatening to smother him the night before after all snoring! I did get lots of dozes last night, but deep, relaxing restful sleep was definitely missing and I have had the usual waking up feeling as tired as when I went to bed last night. I have completely had enough now...I managed to rustle up spaghetti bolognese last night but I nearly collapsed while I did it. The dizzy spells are getting worse and worse and my blood pressure is still coming up as at least hypertension stage 1 requiring medication everytime I take it - but when I call my GP and eventually speak to a Dr I am just told that they don't want to mess around with my current medication. I still can't get hold of my nephrologist and I feel that I am just an annoyance to everyone. But I really cannot carry on feeling like this - I could just sleep all day; but that us not fair on Andy and Mikey. I would love to just get out with Mikey next week a


Following on from the Death of the Duke of Edinburgh yesterday I have been recalling my interactions with members of the Greek Royal Family in Exile.... I was the contact for them at one point when I was working for Royal Insurance and Royal and Sun Alliance. At one point hearing that Prince Nicolas was on the phone for me was enough for me to go and hide in the ladies!!  Many commentators have stated that the Duke was an intelligent man who was far ahead of his time, especially in relation to his work for the environment. All I can say is he had all the brains and the rest of his family....not so much! I called my Mum yesterday as I have hardly spoken to her this week...I now know that I need to get hold of a 3 day eventing safety vest for her. These turn into a sort of air bag if you fall from your horse. As she has managed to fall over a garden curb this week and is decidedly battered from head to toe, I think she needs a wearable airbag! As Miff decided she needed sweet tea to figh


 Today, 19 years ago, Andy and I were sat at Gatwick Airport waiting to board a plane for Orlando. While we were sat at the gate, there was a 2 minute silence announced as the Queen Mother's funeral was happening. Also at the gate were 2 women with the biggest hand luggage I have ever seen who were trying to repack all the shopping they had done at the airport into the suitcase sized bags they were claiming were hand luggage. They had English accents so could not claim they didn't understand the frequent announcements being made, but were still unable to communicate quietly; much preferring yelling that led to Andy telling me to calm down as I loudly 'whispered' that I couldn't understand how they could be so rude and disrespectful. (Although today he has said he should have been as forceful as I wanted to be) Today it has been announced that her son in law, the Duke of Edinburgh has died at the age of 99. For some reason it has affected me... I accept that having w

19th Wedding Anniversary

 We had a quiet day, the only family member who contacted us was my Mum. I assume my Mothers in Law are both in mourning that I am still here!  Mikey just wants to know why we had to get married before he could grace us with his presence!! This morning the weather seemed to be exactly as it was 19 years ago, sunny but cold. I really wish I could remember more about the day; looking back over the photos I remember my veil trying to take off and after we had more photos at the reception  I gave up on it completely! It pretty much removed itself anyway! I also remember comments about the colour the mother of the groom was wearing as it really looked like an outfit to get married in. I have also noticed from the photos that the flowers I had specially chosen for the 2 mothers were not worn. I have a recollection that I had cosen flowers she did not approve of, I also had not got button holes for all members of both families - but they still appeared. This wedding was not arranged by her at

Day 5

Not a good day really, all I want to do is burst into tears and when asked a little while ago I couldn't explain why...but now I know... Why are people so stupid? THe vaccine protects us from Covid but it is not a complete shield. All it does is stop the virus taking too big a hold and trying its best to kill us. After innocculation  we can still catch it and; more importantly pass it on. Therefore we still need to keep taking precautions, wearing masks and following the rules. As it is a sneaky little bugger we may well need to have another jab or 2 in the autumn to keep us safe. And to be honest I am happy to stay in the UK this year as Europe is currently fighting hard against it. So why on earth would I want to test my protection by going somewhere just because it might be warmer than the UK. If heat is that important get a fire pit or turn your heating up! It is better for your and your families health.  The number of conspiracy theories are also winding me up. |How can the Go

Release Day 4

 Today I finally got to see my Mum for the first time since the day before we went into tier 4!! The original plan was to see her tomorrow, but as the weather is due to include an arctic blast we moved it forward one day! We were good and sat in the garden, I admit I was close to her garden heater but it was so nice to relax and just chat. Mikey did not agree and quickly started his usual 'can we go home yet?' I think the 1st request was within 10 minutes of arrival... Driving there was my 1st trip on that part of the M20 since I saw her in December. That was pre Brock and I really cannot see why it is still in place. I could have filmed the whole of the coastbound carriageway not being used for anything if I had wanted. And then everyone else is crammed onto the London bound carriageway stuck at 50mph. Welcome to the UK, behave or we will fine you! Not exactly a welcome to our neighbours is it? My theory is to ouny use the east bound route. Put the barrier down the midle. keep