Today I have really had enough. I'm still feeling awful, the pain is increasing and the antibiotics really do not seem to be working. Add in that Mikey is still being bullied at school and I really wish he hadn't listened to me and had fought back; but for once he listened and hasn't flattened the little toe rag but I also don't think he managed to win the house captain vote. But I am worried he will take that out on Mikey.

They are also working on 1000 hours of Kindness at school (well, Toby obviously isn't) and are meant to be completing a passport to hand in after the break. Mikey has not been given one and even though he has told his teacher several times still has not got one. I know it is not important in the big scheme of things but he feels that he is not being included as a member of the class, and no child wants to feel excluded...

I'm also concerned about the amount of homework that has been sent home. With everything they are not going to get much of a chance to relax and just be kids again. I accept that it is to prepare them for Sats, but I am not a teacher so I am hardly in a position to help him catch up on everything he has missed this year. I really feel that Sats should be cancelled as primary school kids are still trying to catch up and that needs to be with trained staff, not parents. We tried during lockdown and we failed.

Friday evening has included as awful lot of crying and I'm still feeling very emotional. I feel so abandoned and without support here. Andy obviously has to work so Mikey is stuck with me and nobody else as I am back pretty much shielding to try to keep as well  as I can. It is not fair on him, but nobody in Andy's family would consider helping me. I can hardly call Mum as she is in a vunerable age group, so I just carry on trying to cope and feeling more and more exhausted and letting Mikey down. Andy also does not want me going into hospital here and has said if I need hospital treatment he is taking me to Maidstone...yet more isolation for me.


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