• I never have enough energy 

• I feel weak 

• I feel tired 

• It’s hard to concentrate, I feel like I have “brain fog” 

• It feels like my heart is beating too fast 

• Sometimes my heart skips beats 

• I get short of breath 

• I am having headaches 

• I am not sleeping very well 

• My appetite does not seem to be as good as it once was 

• My hands and feet won’t stay warm 

• I may feel dizzy 

• I sometimes feel sad or “down in the dumps” 

• It’s hard to do everyday tasks like make a sandwich or walk up stairs 

The list above is how I feel all the time, mostly thanks to my kidneys failing and not producing the hormones needed to get me to produce enough red blood cells to carry iron and oxygen and keep me going.

IF I am honest I have now had more than enough of this. I have no energy at all, this morning just putting the shopping away left me exhausted and dizzy. I know the heat right now doesn't help, but on Friday my hands were so icy cold I was wearing gloves when we went to pick Mikey up from Kingswood.

Right now Mikey is getting exceedingly emotional, and as usual it is coming out as toothache. I am dreading what he will be like by the end of this week, he was upset last night when he went to bed and I can't see any sign of it improving at all through this week. When he really flew of the handle this evening I just ended up feeling even more tired and that I just am not able to cope. Sorting my meds out for this week was done with Andy keeping an eye on me as it is far too tempting to just take a load of them and then I won't have to worry any more.

I'm still praying we will get a storm...the west of Kent has been hit pretty hard and I just want to go out and stand in it! Maybe I'll get struck by lightening and suddenly find a boost of energy!


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