Poxy Doctors

I am currently fuming. I SPOKE to a GP who has NEVER actually met me and am now on |Antibiotics and have provided a sample to try to grow the E Coli so thye can find out how to gill it (I suggested shooting me)

Apparently I was meant to return the sample be 3.30 yesterday. Andy took it back for me today as I'm having a really bad day and feeling rough to say the least. When he got there he was told it was expected yesterday (1st time I've heard about that!!) So they should be extremely grateful I didn't take it back as the way I'm feeling I would had exploded and probably killed someone! At no point in the conversation yesterday was 3.30 mentioned. The only timing mentioned was that I MUST finish the course of Antibiotics. 

This morning I was listening to a relaxing hypnotherapy recording to help me relax! It worked and I passed out for 3 hours only waking in a panic as Sainsburys arrived to deliver our shopping. Because of the panic I ended up with a horrific headache and since eating lunch I now feel sick...maybe I'll just stick to liquid for the rest of the day!

Tuesday's are starting to get a bit manic for Mikey - he has History Club straight after school and every 2 weeks he then has Crossroads...His clothes for after school were sorted last night and all homework will have to wait for tomorrow! We just have to get Geography and Food Tech done for Friday, English and French can wait for the weekend...History was done last night and History club can also wait for the weekend...Anyone have any information about Lenin speaking English with an Irish accent?!?!?

Since writing this I have calmed down a bit...but I still feel I need to write a complaint to the Practice Manager. If things need to be back by a certain time the GP should make that clear when they request it...I'm pretty sure mind reading it not required to work with a Doctor... But I know any response will completely blame me as it is never their fault. I'm also still furious that I can't speak to the Practice Manager and they will only respond to letters. I can't even e-mail her which I know the CQC do not approve of...I guess that will also be thrown into my complaint as I had the same issue back when they messed Mikey around in July. If any other surgeries were better I would move - but there appear to be the same issues everywhere now.


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