Lockdown 2; I have had enough!

Amazingly I am still behaving and avoiding everyone!! I have not left the house and gone anywhere for most of November. Right now I'm getting to know very grumbly kidneys but trying to avoid painkillers as the ones I have do have a pretty nasty side effect which doesn't leave me feeling at all comfortable!

|Today for lunch I took to easy option and just stuck some part bake rolls in the oven. Mikey declared recently that he doesn't like these any more so Andy and I shared them. By the time I gad eaten 1 his Imperial highness appeared and changed his declaration as he was 'only joking' and my lunch disappeared very quickly....and not into me!! Unfortunately I am having a munchy day and the bag of frazzles I was allowed to eat did not fill me up 😕 

I have already decided what dinner is...wonder if Andy wants it early!!

Sleep is still proving problematic to say the least. I know I am exhausted and I need a few weeks worth of sleep, but once up stairs it just doesn't happen. Last night I pretty much watched the time pass on my Alexa; so not exactly relaxing or refreshing...

My crochet project is not going well....I seem to have a total inability to create straight lines! Not good when I want to make a blanket!! I am now seriously considering just knitting squares and then sew them together! Although my recent attempts to knit have not really been successful! I tried to knit a scarf and it came out triangular (and again not exactly straight sides!!) Maybe I should have stuck with the success from last lockdown and just done more Diamond Paintings!! To be honest I haven't touched the one currently underway for weeks! 

Andy and I are currently really enjoying I'm a celebrity....it is making my feeling sick thing feel considerably worse but it ia also just hilarious! Even Russel Watson has not annoyed me as much as I thought he would! It is nice that we have found something else that we both enjoy watching, especially as Great British Bake Off finishes on Tuesday! I keep hoping he is going to start baking but it has yet to happen! Hopefully he may read this and get inspired!! If anyone sees smoke or hears smoke alarms he has probably started!! If anyone wants to buy shares at the moment I would suggest Kleenex or any company who make ginger drinks as I am living on those now!


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