Hospital or Virus Hub

Andy called an ambulance for me today as I have been having issues breathing as well as the 'normal' back pain and headache. Oh, and a few heart palpitations  thrown in for good measure with a racing normal heart...

THey did warn me that A&E was crammed - but I was in a corridor outside a waiting room for 10 people with at least 20 crammed in. I was leaning on a wall and the girl next to me said I looked very grey and was I alright... Another man walked in with his girlfriend to be told the wait is at least 6 hours; he turned round and dragged her out as she wasn't dead! Most of the people had been sent by their GP- none of them had actually seen a human face to face or on a screen - it is now their get out, if in doubt sent them to A&E.

After not being seen for an hour even for triage and being close to collapsing as it was just so hot with so many people in a small place I had had enough. There was no water available as they had been so busy, all the bottles had gone but hadn't been replaced. The 2 entrances had run out of masks so most people weren't wearing them which really was not helping with my state of mind. Once I find out who I need to complain to I will - or I may just contact the CQC again as my GP this morning just told me to call 111. I know the NHS is busy, but just how close are we to them being overwhelmed|? The flu season hasn't even begun yet and it is decidedly creaky.


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