Lockdown 3; Day 8

 Todays excitement was a trip to WHH to have my bloods done... Joy of joys, the 1st phlebotomist couldn't find a vein, but luckily the 2nd is the lady who usually managed to extract blood from me - and as usual she found a source and tapped it until all vials were filled. I had to stop off at my GP on the way to WHH as he wants the results sent to him. |Why he can't just look them up is beyond me. So I froze outside waiting whilst some weird looking bloke refused to let anyone else use the intercom! 

My next challenge after the GP was to find the blood room...they have moved it and I walked straight past it at first! As all appointments now have to be booked it is nowhere near as busy as it used to be. They also have lots of staff off ill or isolating. But the new chairs are decidedly more comfortable than the old ones!

As I left Mikey was finishing a maths lesson and on my return he was meant to be paying attention to his Adventure Trail. Attention  was mixed - but he has at least done some research for his lesson tomorrow. Just need to get him to do his maths questions now...

Yesterday Mikey and his lack of desire to do most of his work really got to me. I just get annoyed as I know what he can do - but he just is not bothered and there is a limit to how long I can spend smashing my head against an unmovable object. It also annoys me as I know next year he is going to end up totally shocked by the amount of homework which will land on him, this is his chance to start getting used to it. But what do I know, after all I was at school during the dark ages.

Poor Andy keeps trying to stop me getting so stressed, but I can now see what upset my Dad so much when both Nicky and I ignored his advice at school, after all what on earth could he know. But now I just want to get through to him that I do know and I can help him not to freak out when it all starts. I'm starting to think the only way is to confiscate his x box for a while...If I get to that point, listen out for the screams of sheer anger. They will make the sonic boom yesterday seem silent!


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