Friday, May 22, 2020

Lockdown, Day 62

   I know nobody with any shred of sanity is enjoying this lockdown, I am also very aware of just how important it is to keep everyone safe (and how important it is for me not to catch it as it would finish my kidneys totally) But I have had enough. I'm stuck in a tiny house, I'm not allowed out (not that there is anywhere to go)  plus I'm stuck in a town where the only relatives I have here hate me and will not even speak to me. I need to get away for my sanity, what little I have left.

Poor Mikey gets the brunt of my 'displeasure' as he finds it easy to wind me up, simply because he is so like me. I'm also objecting to the way he has been yelling WHAT at me whenever I ask a question, unless it is a question such as 'shall we do some Maths?' That is usually greeted by total silence and me being completely ignored - I wish he would stop watching his father!

Andy is finding it even easier to ignore me now as the hearing in one ear is still playing up. He did actually call the GP today and they are now trying some sort of spray. They can't do a deep clean until after the pandemic so he sill have his excuse for many more weeks I would imagine, FML seems to fit perfectly here!

I am trying frantically to find something to cheer myself up, some frieds (who we did lose touch with) have really helped during all this, Andy has really reacted well to the Zoom chats and seems to almost be the man I first met. We really must continue to stay in touch after this,,,Grumpy may have to start leaving the house every so often!

These photos are also from Orlando 2005 (as yesterdays was) a time when I was happy and enjoyed myself. It was pre Mikey  (much to his disgust) and one day I would love to take him there, but just being the 2 of us was really good for us. We need to spend more time together doing something we both enjoy. Maybe it is time to bring the power kites out of retirement...

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