Lockdown, Day 101

Today started well as I slept last night!!! I think the cooler weather has helped and I slept until it got light (annoying as the curtains do have blackout fabric in them) Then I continued to doze until I heard a Van reversing...Unlike last week when the driver phoned to ask if he could deliver early, this one didn't! As I was only half dressed there was no way I was going downstairs so Andy had to deal with the delivery. I will probably pay for this today as he is now decidedly grumpy!

I have also been wound up by a constant ticking in my right ear. I learnt yesterday not to even mention anything like this to my Mum as I will just be told to tell myself I can't hear it. I'm also still in pain from my left shoulder...I am totally fed up with the way my own body continuously lets me down. I would love a day with no pain and some energy; but it really feels that will never happen again. I'm close to giving up completely as carrying on just appears to be full of pain and 'helpful' comments which just make me feel worse.

I'm still really not in an eating mood, yesterday I managed to forget to eat lunch so just had dinner! My Fitness Pal is going to get angry again!! But when I'm this 'not bothered' about food; eating is pointless as I just feel sick and usually end up throwing up...and in my mind that is just wasting time, food and effort! Plus Andy and Mikey are really good at eating their way through most food in the fridge, so I can be sure it will rarely get wasted!

The one thing I am looking forward to at the moment is the release of Hamilton on Disney + this weekend! I an going to have my trail week so I can finally see it! Especially as it is not reopening in London until next year and I'm sure all of this year was sold out to those tickets will be transferred forward....seeing it live is not going to be possible for a very long time, so the New York version is as good as it is going to get for now!!
 Really looking forward to seeing this at the weekend when it is released, an early birthday celebration for me!!!


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